Bring your inner beauty to life

The pace of life these days is so fast, that many times is very difficult making time to give our body integral maintenance. It is important working in our personal care, since this is a way to prevent physical, spirit and mental related health issues.

This includes meditation that would clear out the mind, physical and expressive activities, as well as a group of treatments and balance that can help you get through your daily life enthusiastically.

Real A’ayani, is a space of integral evolution designed for finding oneself, conscience evolution, and that helps digging deeper into our spirit.

We offer the necessary for you to achieve your daily life’s perfect balance, spa treatments, salt bathtubs, natural treatments, holistic balance, acupuncture and so many other courses.

Bring your body and spirit well-being together with our treatments, among a wonderful setting adorned by waterfalls and rivers, in a warm atmosphere that invites to reflection and a free leisure of your whole self.

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